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We are enjoying great results working with Sunny E-Brand both in terms of revenues and in reducing our distribution costs; Sunny E-Brand know-how and competence has given us the chance to further develop the web channel bringing our brand in many interesting countries without any start-up and scouting cost.

Marco Palazzo COO, Brandbox


Working with Sunny E-Brands means that we can focus on getting better in serving our customers. This is a huge saving on sale set-up costs with a positive impact on our time-to-market too.

Jason Campbell Senior Buyer

Brand Services

Selling your products to Sunny E-Brand means expanding your business across the world, while preserving your brand value. If you need to optimise your stock, before heading to an outlet based approach, consider contacting Sunny E-Brand. We offer you a

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Every week we are adding new brands to our portfolio. So come back often to check which brands we can help you bring to market. Sunny E-Brand offers you a set of services that will help you expand your business

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We continue expanding our geographical coverage thanks to a strong community of partners that each day promotes your products to more than 100 million potential customers.If you are interested in entering a market that is currently covered by our network get in

We work with more than 200 Brands

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Valentino RED
Alviero Martini 1^ Classe
Marina Yachting